Grades K-8th & High School

June 7th – July 2nd, 2021  


   July 12th – July 30th, 2021


At Lift City Next Level Summer Enrichment Camp our teachers are ready and waiting to meet your camper!  Register now and let us enrich your scholar into their next level of academics that may have been missed this past school year by teaching to the area(s) that students struggled in during the year. 

We will remediate in state academic areas, enrich to add assurance to what is to come, and also reach life and career skills by bringing in community experts to all campers entering grades K through 8th. We will also offer High School Enrichment:  STEM activities, life skills, college prep courses, career experiences. 

This is not your ordinary SUMMER CAMP! We offer fun-filled packed weekly sessions, exciting activities, educational virtual tours, and so many other wonderful things. Guess what the best thing about our camp is? All of our enrichment camp teachers are certified in an area of specialty. 

9:00 AM-4:00 PM

Before available start time: 7:30AM

Extended available pick up time 5:30PM

Early Bird Registration Fee: $50.00

(Includes all camp supplies except trips to swimming pool, golf, tennis, and other visited sites)

Camp Fee: $100.00 weekly (EACH ADDITIONAL CHILD $25 DISCOUNT)



Camp fee includes lunch and a snack provided daily!

(All session fees due on the first day of each session)

Early Drop Off/Late Pick-Up $50.00 Weekly per need


Questions? E-mail us @
“We exist to LIFT people into their next level relationship with Christ.”

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